Litigation History and Experience



2009-2013       Wear v. Gerow, et al 

Lead counsel in complex business litigation which utilized paperless discovery of more than 30,000 documents and computer records.  The case settled before the scheduled trial date.

2010-2012       Muller v. Puckett, et al           

Out-of-state counsel in Oregon wrongful death lawsuit brought by the heirs of a Nevada resident killed in an industrial trucking accident.  I shared my civil investigation findings with the prosecuting attorney in the related criminal case, which resulted in a guilty plea on the first day of the criminal trial.  The civil case settled at statutory cap, plus economic damages.  I obtained lifetime survivor benefits on the widow*s behalf in the contested workers compensation claim.  

2008                Foster v. Jones, et al

Represented the victims in a personal injury lawsuit that resulted in a $3 million settlement, less costs and fees, just months before trial.

2007                Low v. Redwine, et al

Represented the victims in a personal injury claim that settled at policy limits of $1.12 million, less costs and fees, without a lawsuit.  I provided digital copies of all documentary evidence, photographs and video to the Lyon County District Attorney*s Office to aid in prosecution and sentencing of the responsible driver.

2006                Ponce v. Nevada Dept. of Transportation 

Appellate counsel in the Nevada Supreme Court appeal of the dismissal of a wrongful death case.                       

2005                Smith v. confidential defendants 

Represented the victim in a personal injury lawsuit that concluded in a $1.2 million settlement, less costs and fees.

2005                Browns v. Kidder 

Represented the victims in a real estate case in which my clients were awarded permanent injunctive relief and a $100,000 judgment for intentional interference and nuisance.

2004                Bailey v. Confidential Defendants

Represented the victim, a female employee, in a civil rights case in which a substantial confidential settlement was obtained.


2003                Neade v. Rite of Passage 

Trial counsel and appellate counsel in a Nevada Supreme Court appeal that overturned the trial court*s dismissal and ruling that exclusive remedy applied in a worker*s compensation retaliation case.  Confidential settlement reached.

 2003                Williams v. State of Nevada, et al.

Represented the parents of a seven-year-old boy who was killed in multi-vehicle collision.  This complex wrongful death case against six defendants settled before trial.  The presiding judge nominated me for Outstanding Trial Lawyer of the Year.

 2001                Rumsey v. United States Navy

Represented the mother and surviving sister of a child killed in a head-on collision involving a civilian employee.  The Federal tort claims action settled for a total of $1 million for all claimants, subject to the statutory fee cap of 25%, plus costs.

 2000                Billy v. Ginn 

Represented the victim in a wrongful termination and breach of contract case against a surgeon*s employer.  The jury awarded economic damages of approximately $250,000.

 2000                Simmons v. Confidential Defendant 

Represented the victim in a breach of contract case against an employer, which resulted in a $125,000 settlement, less costs and fees.

 1999                Kinard v. N.H.P. 

Represented the victim in an employee civil rights case that resulted in a substantial confidential settlement that included back pay and her return to work.


 1996                Young  v. Casebolt, et al 

Represented the victim in a manufacturing defect case in which the presiding judge awarded $3.4 million, including punitive damages of $1 million. 

1995                Simpson v. City of Reno 

Plaintiff/appellate counsel in a Ninth Circuit appeal overturning the U.S. District Court*s dismissal of an age discrimination case.  A substantial confidential settlement was reached after remand.

 1994                Pagni v. N.H.P. 

Plaintiff/appellate counsel in an employment case wherein the Nevada Supreme Court directed settlement negotiations following oral argument.  My client was reinstated with back pay, and the Board of Examiners approved what was (then) the highest settlement in the State's history for a case that did not involve a death.

 1992                Schlang v. Key Airlines, Inc.

Lead plaintiff counsel in four-month Federal Court trial alleging wrongful termination of employment and violations of the Railway Labor Act for the employer's interference with the employees* right to form a union.  Plaintiffs were awarded $500,000.00 in punitive damages.

 1991                Palmer v. State of Nevada 

Trial counsel and appellate counsel in a Nevada Supreme Court appeal that overturned the dismissal of my client*s sex discrimination and wrongful termination case on summary judgment motion.  A substantial confidential settlement was reached after remand.

 1991                IBEW v. Kindred, et al. 

Defense counsel in a lawsuit for non-payment of union dues after clients attempted to resign from the I.B.E.W., and a successful countersuit which compelled the acceptance of their resignation and resulted in an award of attorney fees.

 1990                American Bank Stationery v. Farmer

Trial counsel and appellate counsel in the Nevada Supreme Court appeal that upheld the trial court*s finding that my client had overcome the presumption of at-will employment, affirmed the $410,478.88 jury award, and ordered payment of interest on the judgment, and reimbursement of costs and attorney fees related to the appeal.

 1988                Alford v. Sands, et al 

Represented the victim in a wrongful termination case.  My client, a cocktail waitress, was fired in retaliation for complaining to hotel security that a bartender, who later became a manager, was (among other unsavory things) rewashing and reusing fruit in drinks.  The jury awarded Ms. Alford nearly $260,000.  A substantial confidential settlement was negotiated after defendants filed an appeal. 

 (NOTE:  other significant cases have been omitted due to confidentiality agreements.)


             State Supreme Court Appeals 每 83% Success Rate

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals 每 67% Success Rate

Pretrial and Trial Court Level 每 Over 90% Success Rate

Approximately 500 Civil Cases Filed or Defended



         Employment law, including Employment Security Division claims 每 more than 1,000 cases

         Personal injury and wrongful death 每 more than 800 cases

         Worker*s compensation 每 more than 500 cases

         Business law 每 more than 200 clients/cases

         Real estate cases 每 more than 20

         Family law 每 more than 500

         Criminal defense


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